5 Things Recommended - 2/22/2019


5 Things Recommended is a collection of thought-provoking tid-bits new to my eyes and stimulating to my spirit.

  1. THE DOCUMENTARY, The Price of Everything for its eyes-open view of the contemporary art market. If it’s all about money why are us “small fry” still making it? http://www.thepriceofeverything.com/

  2. CHRIS ROBERTS-ANTIEAU’s hilarious and poignant sewn fabric portraits of what makes us so endearingly human. (The dogs and cats are hysterical). Especially moving are her very personal explorations of a recent illness. http://www.antieaugallery.com/about

  3. The Japanese -style spa, TEN THOUSAND WAVES in Santa Fe. Probably everyone in the world knows about it judging by how many women were in the too-small changing room. However, you can’t beat the soothing sound of water throughout the Japanese landscape of Pignon pines, and snow dusted bamboo huts. Great massages and delicious smelling spa products. https://tenthousandwaves.com/

  4. THE DRIVE from Santa Fe to White Rock and Bandelier National Park. Go in the winter when there aren’t droves of people.  The one hour drive takes you through endless vistas of Pignon pine dotted dessert mesas and canyons. The site itself was home to Pueblo dwellers who’s building sites are still visible. Website: https://www.nps.gov/band/index.htm

  5. A week away in a TOTALLY DIFFERENT LANDSCAPE with best girlfriends. No critics here. Encouragement only. Sharing ideas. Trying new things. Getting a fresh perspective.

Mason Gehring